Thrilling New Interactive Fiction RPG Game Coming Soon

The Hell Bound Kids 2: The Architect

Below is a video screen capture of the Interactive Fiction RPG we’ve been hard at work on, “The Hell Bound Kids 2: The Architect.”

A follow up to our first book in the HBK series, we decided to do something different than publish another book.

Instead, we created a choose your destiny style game where you’re given different choices that determine your progression and ultimate outcome of the story, and though still largely text-based, we’ve added RPG elements such as Stats, Levels, XP, Hit Points, Skillz, Maps, Weapons, etc. in the game.

There will also be Battle Maps with combat scenarios that you’ll get to play as well.

The combat portion of the game is taking us the longest to finish, but we should have a demo available next month, which will be free to play on our website. Before we release the demo to the general public, however, we plan to offer a first release to selected playtesters, which we’ll put out a call for soon. So if you’re interested in being a playtester, keep checking back on our website or Facebook page for the announcement.

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