Coming soon… The Hell Bound Kids Book 2: The Architect

Exciting New Interactive Fiction Role-Playing Game of Crime, Horror, and Suspense

We’re getting real close to wrapping production up on our demo release of The Hell Bound Kids: The Architect, which will be the second book in our line up of the HBK series.

This time, instead of a traditional digital and print book like with our first book in the series, Wild In The Streets, we’re going with an Interactive Fiction RPG.

So what exactly does that mean?

It means it’s gonna be a helluva lot of fun. Think choose your own adventure, but with lots of interactive maps, and an actual arcade-style combat system. And, since it’ll be free to play, all it will require is a little of your time.

Hero or Villain?

In Book 2, you’ll get to play the role of a gangster who mysteriously wakes up on the hellish streets of Punk City, with little recollection of how you arrived. Are you still a hardcore O.G. with something to prove? Or were you leaving that past behind?

It’ll be up to you to decide—will you be the hero… or the villain? Either way, it’s all about survival in Punk City, and the choices you’ll have to make may not be so black and white.

Stories and Rumors

As you explore Punk City, among the many stories and rumors you’ll soon discover, one is a legend about the alleged creator of the city, a mysterious entity known as the “Architect” and his “House of Pain”—a trap-filled maze in which is guarded an ancient tome called the Book of Fate that contains the secrets of Punk City and location of its hidden exits.

In Punk City it can be hard to distinguish between sobering reality and darkest fantasy, but most of the Kids trapped with you in the city seem to believe the legends, and for even a slim chance of escape, many more have risked life and limb to locate the House of Pain and find the Book of Fate, never to be seen or heard from again.


The game is largely text-based. There are a number of RPG mechanics such as:

  • Character creation.
    • Over 20 Skillz to choose from.
    • Experience Points and Street Cred to gain levels, hit points, and additional Skillz to make your character more powerful.
  • Inventory with dozens of items and a Store to buy weapons and gear.
  • Turn-based combat system with 2D characters and maps you can interact with.
  • Maps with clickable objects that can reveal additional text and choices.
  • And, of course, thousands of words of text with choices that will take you deeper into the game, revealing new Items, Journal Entries, Quests and areas of Punk City to fully explore.

If you like choose your own adventure you’ll dig this game; and if you like RPGs—then you’ll really dig this game! The release of our demo, will consist of the first chapter, showing what you can expect with the full release of the game. It’s gonna be helluva fun, and, did we mention… free to play!

Video Clip Previews

From now until the release of the demo, we’ll be dropping these announcements along with short video clips of what the game play will be like.

Start Screen, Character Avatar Selection Screen, and Character Name Screen

Welcome to Punk City… the city where the bad kids go. You’re the newest Punk to arrive. Find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Shit’s about to get real!

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