*Red Sun is not open to submissions. We will be opening soon. 

Red Sun Magazine publishes science-fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative, and military science fiction. All writers of these genres are welcome to submit their work.

We want solid plots, action and adventure, heroes/heroines doing heroic things, and tales that favor story over characterization (the characters are still important, just not at the expense of the story).

We will still look at stories about anti-heroes wallowing in the gray muddied waters of moral relativism, however, we favor the heroes and heroines who win the day without compromising their moral code. 

Above all, we want to be entertained. That means that, although we have nothing against “realism” in stories and will still consider them, it can be antithetical to a story’s entertainment value for us. That said, we still want the story and its characters to be believable. Fantastical is fine. For example: Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles” is a fantastical not realistic depiction of Mars. Another good example is the John Carter character and the fantastical depictions of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although we favor the fantastical and blending of fantasy with the other genres, we’re still perfectly willing to accept stories without any fantastical elements. If we think it’s a great story, we’ll publish it. We’ll consider R-rated material but no erotica.    

Word count for fiction is 500 words or more. Pay is capped at 3,000 words. Payment: $.03 a word.

In addition to fiction, Red Sun publishes interviews, articles, and reviews that are relevant to the genres the magazine publishes, to include role-playing games, board games, movies, television, etc. Word count: 1,000-2,500 words. Payment: $25.

​No poetry.

No multiple submissions. No reprints. Simultaneous submissions are okay. If your story is accepted elsewhere, let us know.

We judge stories based on merit.

Do not include your name in the story itself. Email your submission as an attachment to redsunmagazine at In the subject line, type “Submission,” the name of your story, the genre, and your name. Ex: Submission – The Forever War – Military Science Fiction – Joe Haldeman.

Use the body of the email as your cover letter to tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Submissions must be in Shunn standard manuscript format (Courier or Times New Roman), submitted as .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX files. Red Sun will reject outright any work that has the author’s name in the story, is not submitted in Shunn standard manuscript format, and/or as .RTF, .DOC or DOCX files. The no-name rule applies only to stories.

Red Sun also accepts artwork and comic strips in the genres the magazine publishes. Email us your artwork/comics or links to your gallery. Payment: $75 for digital reprint rights for cover art. $35 for original, unpublished comics. Same rule for active duty military and military veterans applies to artwork.

The magazine will strive to publish on a quarterly schedule, in an e-book format, through Amazon and other venues. All contributors will receive a contributors copy of the e-book.

What Red Sun is buying:

First Electronic Rights. Exclusive Rights to the author’s work for six months. Exclusive Anthology rights for a year (a “best of” to be negotiated with the authors). Exclusive rights begin at the time of publication.